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Personalized Spell Work

Personalized Spell work and Items can be requested from you after your purchase. You can also inquire about the items listed here. 

Spell Jars / Workings

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Personalized work

Types of Personal Spell Work Offered

These are separate from spell jars offered above

Other Personalized Workings

Any other spell work you wish to inquire about that is NOT LISTED above. Please hit the INQUIRE ABOUT WORKING BUTTON - this will allow you to fill out a section where you can ask about other spell work. Other workings NOT LISTED will require a Zoom Consultation, where you will be charged $40 via invoice prior to scheduling this consultation. This fee is NON REFUNDABLE - this is because I will perform divination during the consultation, to make sure this spell aligns with your own spiritual journey. I will not perform spell work that is against any of my own spiritual ethics. If we move forward with your spell I will invoice for materials and energy work. Your consult fee will be put towards this invoice. Once paid I will schedule your working on the calendar.


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