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Welcome to Meridian Moon Membership, where the metaphysical meets the magical. I believe that everyone can tap into their intuition and manifest their desires. That’s why I offer a wide range of resources to help you along your spiritual journey. From spell work classes to tarot readings, I am here to guide you through the mysteries of the universe. Come and explore my enchanted blog and channel and discover the magic within yourself through a Meridian Moon Membership.

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Hello! My name is Jay. I am a Bruja from San Antonio, Texas. I’m a spiritual and witchy shop owner, and I share how I decolonize my practice with my followers on social media. My practice is all about finding myself, healing myself and others, protecting my space, and growing with the Brujeria community. 
I started my practice at 16 years old. I had been intrigued by the metaphysical since I was 7. My mother would blessed me before school trips, whispered silent and secret incantations, and cleansed me of mal de ojo. I grew up believing we are so connected to this earth that as she heals herself, we too are capable and powerful. I started with a basic understanding of curanderismo practices that had been passed down from my mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and so on. I then learned under a Bruja in my home town for a few years before moving to a different state. Since then I have learned more about myself and my ancestral lineage. Including forms of decolonized practices that bring my soul home. And I hope to help each one of you on your soul’s journey home as well. 
In this course, I will teach the basics and foundations of my own practice while giving tips along the way to make your practice individualized. I will share forms of my practice that include decolonized aspects based on my own ancestral heritage, while I encourage you to research your own lineage. 
Please note that the rituals and representations in my practice are not to be confused with the many beautiful practices performed by the indigenous people of Mexico. They deserve respect for their sacred celebrations. My practice includes aspects of my culture. 
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